Cleansing Your Lymph Circulation And Your Lymph Glands RE-ENABLES Your Own Natural Healing Wisdom To Heal You.
The Same Intelligence That Grew You From An Egg And A Sperm Knows How To Heal You.
modified by Shari Soza,
The big effect that I saw immediately was that it cleansed the lymph glands on the back of my neck and head. This helps cancer conditions, of course, but it can also help many other health conditions.     Essiac Tea is not just for cancer.    It also helped my pancreas when I took it on a regular basis.   That helped my digestion.   Before that,   I was having bloating after every time I ate something.

The original Rene Caisse recipe for Essiac tea, was enough to take care of a whole clinic of waiting patients. I have slightly modified it, for my own use, and it will work for you too.

Even if you follow the original instructions, and use only 8oz of the dry herbal mixture, it still makes too much, for a single person. While it sits in the refrigerator, it loses its effectiveness,   or can even go moldy on you.

It is better to make it in smaller amounts, and have a more potent result. I am also concerned as to how you can adequately mix in the Turkey Rhubarb root, thruout the whole 45 oz of dry mixture.

I measure the herbs directly into a ziploc bag,   by using the postal scale,   to measure BY WEIGHT.     I am not talking about measuring by volume,  with a cooking measuring cup.

Dry Herbal Mixture

Herbs Original Amounts Eight Ounces Four Ounces Two Ounces
Burdock Root 25 oz 5 oz 2.5 oz 1.25 oz
Sheep Sorrel Herb 15 oz 3 oz 1.5 oz .75 oz
Turkey Rhubarb Root 1 oz or 10 t. .20 oz or 2 t. .10 oz or 1 t. .05 oz or 1/2 t.
Slippery Elm Root 4 oz .8 oz .4 oz .2 oz
Total Ounces 45 oz 8.82 oz 4.41 oz 2.205 oz
At the smaller amounts, the accuracy of the scale becomes a limit, so a good compromise is to use the 8 oz amount, and be sure and mix it well in dry form, then carefully measure out either 4 or 2 ounces, for actual making into tea. In the turkey rhubarb amounts, above, "t." means teaspoon. Use a real measuring spoon.

Store unused portions of the dry mixture in an airtight container, and keep out of the light.      After you try Essiac tea,   if you want to purchase larger quantities,  in bulk,
the prices are at

To purchase 8 oz of the dry herbal mixture, send a check or money order for $18.95
($15 plus $3.95 shipping),

[ If you are in a big hurry,     send a money order AFTER giving me some warning,   by sending me email. ]

349 N Oregon St
Yreka CA 96097-2413

This means 8 oz  BY WEIGHT in the dry herbal mixture.    To divide it into 4 packages,    first mix it well,   in a large bowl,     and then divide it into 4 different ziploc bags.     You won't need the scale,   if you make 4 packages of equal size.

Please include your email address,   so that I can keep in touch with you,    and add a personal touch.    I cannot give medical advice,   but I might be able to help steer you to information that you can study about detoxification and raising your consciousness to a layer of reality where you are already healed.    If you are buying herbs from me,     you are entitled to a little TLC.    I do not make any claims about cures.   Any information I write is about teaching.


Preparation of the herbal tea:

Measure out the desired amount of the dry mixture.

For each eight ounces of dry herbal mixture, use 2 gallons of distilled water, in a stainless steel kettle. For four ounces, use 1 gallon of distilled water. For two ounces, use 2 quarts of distilled water.    [If using half my 8-ounce package,    STIR WELL,   because I measure directly into each ZipLoc bag.]

Boil the distilled water. It takes about 30 minutes for 2 gallons.

Put the dry herbal mixture into the boiling water.

Stir it and boil hard for about 10 minutes, with the lid on.

Cover and allow it to sit and cool slowly for six hours.

After six hours, stir it thoroughly with a wooden or stainless steel tool.

Let it sit for another six hours.

Return the kettle to the stove and bring it to a boil.

When the boiling point is reached, turn off the heat and pour the tea thru a stainless steel strainer into a second stainless steel kettle.

Clean the first kettle thoroughly.

Strain the contents a second time from pot 2 to pot 1.

Bottle the resulting herbal tea immediately into dark amber bottles and seal it while still hot.    I used clear glass canning jars successfully.

Cool them, and store in the refrigerator, until needed. I found that if not used quickly enough, the tea lost its strength, so I recommend using pint jars, instead of quarts.

Directions for use:

Heat 2 ounces or 4 tablespoons of distilled water, and then mix it with 2 ounces or 4 tablespoons of the tea taken directly from the refrigerator.

Pour the tea into the measuring device, instead of sticking the spoon into the jar. This habit will protect against contamination.

Keep the tea refrigerated at all times. Shake well each time before pouring.

Take it on an empty stomach, at least 2 hours after eating. Wait 2 more hours before eating after taking the tea.

Good times to take it are at bedtime, or upon awakening. More seriously ill persons can take it safely 3 to 4 times daily, spaced out, as described above, separated from meals,   by two hours.       It is not going to do you much good to take it with meals.       It will not work all mixed up with your dinner.    That would just be a waste of money.

349 N Oregon St
Yreka CA 96097-2413


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