There is a principle in cattle ranching called "carrying capacity", that we should apply to social and economic problems. It will make it all so much more clear and easier to understand.

A rancher has a certain amount of land, with a certain amount of vegetation that cattle eat, so he knows how many cattle that land will support. This is it's "carrying capacity".

If he puts too many cattle on it, they won't have enough to eat, and will get sick and some will die.

In human terms, society and government decision makers must play the part of the rancher, and see that human beings need adequate housing, food and jobs, in their local neighborhood, to support them.

If we put too many human beings into a small geographical area, without enough affordable housing, food, and enough jobs to keep them occupied doing something constructive, and giving them self-esteem and a way to buy what they want, we have exceeded the land's "carrying capacity".

Some of these human beings will not get enough of the proper food to eat, and will start acting like "bad" boys, so the crime rate goes up.

Not only do they not have adequate food, but they do not have an easy enough way to find something constructive to do, that gives them self-esteem.

Drugs and alcohol abuse are their way of numbing their emotions about how desperate their lives really are.

It is their antidote for the awful emotions of uncertainty and self-doubt.

And we try to make them criminals for this.

We are in trouble as a nation, because we have "exceeded our cities' carrying capacity".

We have too many people in close proximity to each other, without enough help to find something constructive to do, without enough affordable housing, and without enough yard space to grow most of their own food.

Like Russia, packing people into tall buildings, without yards, like chickens in a coop, we leave them no way to go outside, make a garden, to get them thru hard times.

As a society, we have let our government decision-makers put too many "thought police" of different flavors of Freudianism, and other false belief systems, onto the public payroll, drawing money OUT OF the Treasury,

trying to deal with all the AFTER-EFFECTS OF UNEMPLOYMENT, and without adequate understanding of human nutrition,

instead of investing first in making it easier for everyone to go out and immediately find something constructive to do, a job, even if the job is only for one day, or one week.

We have far exceeded our land's "carrying capacity", by allowing immigrants to come in, when we already had a problem employing the human beings that we had here first.

Ethnic hatred always comes back to WHO WAS HERE FIRST. Human beings that do not have their needs fulfilled for adequate diet, and rest, real food and affordable housing, will become irritable, depressed, and violent.

The ones that were here first, will always resent the newcomers that take away their jobs, and apartments, or drive up the price of homes.

We have swung too far as a culture, in developing all these behavior counsel- ing "thought police", various agencies, both public and quasi-public with public funding, to try to manage the population that is just stressed out with unemployment and uncertainty.

We have hugely misinvested in a phony "WAR ON DRUGS", that is making more human beings into criminals, with criminal records, and jail and prison costs, so that they will never be able to find a decent job, and must always be on some kind of public subsidy.

We have broken up families because their parents dared to use the numbing anesthetics that by law we say are forbidden, leaving more young men to grow up without a father figure. And we wonder why we have a growing youth gang problem.

We have let our decision-makers make decisions that allow our corporations to lay off thousands of workers, without a "backup" economic system, an easy way to find temporary or short-term employment, to keep up their payments especially on their houses.

As our decision-makers fail to realize this simplest of lessons, our culture rapidly deteriorates, as more and more families suffer damage to their stable quantum level of reality, and the stability of our group consciousness spins more and more out of control.

We have let our television channels carry fake preachers of an uninspiring dogma, that has driven our people away from churches in droves.

We have elected government officials who do not understand the simplest principles of dealing with crime, who naively think that making more and more things a crime, more and more people a criminal, will not magically require building more and more jails and prisons, taking more and more working taxpayers and putting them in jail, and hiring more and more jailers and counselers and halfway houses and putting more people on the public payroll.

We have elected government officials who do not understand the simplest principles of economics, that when you create more jobs that are funded by the public treasury, drawing money OUT OF the treasury, you are not helping the cashflow situation.

We have allowed a situation where the "thought police", called social workers are allowed to break up families because they have the wrong training, and don't know where to begin dealing with families in stress from unemployment.

The "fabric of reality" that holds our society together is the sanctity of each family.

The stable level of consciousness in each family, in the sanctuary of its home, adds to the stable quantum levels of reality of all the other stable families, and that is our group consciousness.

Our diplomatic and foreign affairs officials do not understand the simplest principles of carrying capacity, and the stability of the group conscious- ness.

The lesson of Bosnia is that when the United Nations aids and abets the slaughter and rape of a whole ethnic group, helps the murderous thieves steal their land, devastate their homes, it is guilty of helping to unravel the stable quantum level of reality---group consciousness---of that country, transporting refugees out of the area of their homes, instead of stopping the aggressors like we did in Kuwait.

We cannot escape the karma from this injustice. Why wonder why gangsters like Saddam Hussein and Slobadon Milosevic think that they can do anything and get away with it?

We can't FIX the problem in Bosnia by using military air strikes, because we have let it go on too long. The time for air strikes was in the first few days of the onslaught, to reverse the aggression.

If civilized nations have no will power to stand together against evil and barbaric thievery of family homes and families, it invites more and worse such bad behavior from others who find themselves in control of powerful weapons, and think that the land is theirs for the taking, and that no one will do anything about it.

Like our young criminals who know that the prisons are already full, and they will get no more than a slap on the hand, and back out on the street out of the revolving door called prison, rogue and villanous militarist gangster leaders like Saddam Hussein and Milosevic will do whatever they get away with, and they are right, we are too stupid to do anything about it.

If our civilized diplomats and heads-of-state do not understand the principle of standing together against the irrationality of an aggressor, to make it impossible for aggression to be used to gain territory, because we ourselves have no compelling reason to act, then we are in the dark ages indeed.

The lesson of Bosnia is also that the United States cannot always be expected to come to the rescue of any victim of aggression, at our expense, and with our own American young men, especially when our own nation is in turmoil, and increasing natural disasters take their toll on the public treasury.

Each region must develop their own rapid deployment anti-aggression force, their own "mini-UN" police force, close by, and its use cannot be selectively applied, based upon whether we are personally attuned with the victims or not. Aggression should be turned back, no matter who the victim is, or we are all at risk.

So what is the solution locally? Put more of the bureaucrats on the public payroll to work developing constructive things to do, within the private sector, not by "checkbook" mentality, offering tax incentives, or public subsidy, but by becoming information brokers, making their own jobs as employment agencies, and being paid a commission based upon results, from their actually achieving arranging a work assignment in the private sector.

No excuse like "there are no jobs" should be allowed. If there are no jobs, with cash payment, there are always things that need doing, that could be managed with barter payments, or with volunteers. Weave all these things together, and give people HOPE that things will get better, keep them doing something constructive, and their own human biochemistry will change, giving them more energy and more foresight, to make better decisions about their choices.

Domestic violence agencies should be set to work arranging more cooperation between all jobs-related and resume-related databases within any public agency, and coordinated with any private similar database, to help people find something constructive to do faster and faster.

The information databases that are held by public agencies should be made available as .ZIP files on local electronic bulletin board systems, BBS's, so that private entrepreneurs will come forward and develop software to be able to better utilize these facts.

Newspapers should make available their classified wantad files, perhaps after the ad expires, like "day-old" bread, information that could be added to the jobs and resumes databases.

The newspaper classified ads departments should be computerized, so that a person could search the days' ads with a personal computer, retrieving all ads with a certain phrase. This would save time, and both advertisers and readers could make better use of the ads. Who has time to read all the pages in the classified ads?

Local agencies should stop enforcing any laws that inhibit people from trying to sell their used stuff, which they may need to liquidate, and turn into cash to pay their bills. This might free up more cash with which people could hire others to help them around their houses, for repairs or cleaning or lawn and garden labor.

Everyone should be taught that we have our "day job" skills that we sometimes must do to pay the bills, and our hobbies that exercise our intellect and our ego to the fullest.

More people should go back to growing a garden. This will allow them to have more cash to pay their bills with, instead of paying it to the grocery store.

All countries should have laws that protect those human beings that were there first, and not allow immigration in times when the ones already there first are not adequately provided for.

Everyone should be studying for improving their jobskills, and we do not have enough affordable colleges and junior colleges, so more courses should be available as modem-down-loadable files, that can be run on personal computers.

And yet we need balance, not so much time in front of a computer screen. This is where the garden comes in.

We have too many people commuting to work thru city freeways, all trying to get to work at the same time. We need to evolve more and more "jobs" that people can accomplish at their own homes, and deliver by modem.

We need to evolve easier forms of obtaining marketing help for locally-grown garden produce, and plants, and dried herbs, things that people can grow in their own yards, to help make their house payments.

We need more people to build detached bedrooms with baths, or small granny houses in their backyards, if they still have garden space, to make some kind of affordable shelter for the down and out, to relieve the homeless problems, and give added income to the homeowner.


Copyright, 1993-1995 Shari {Seth} Soza

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