A Design For A SafetyNet Resource Model

1. Get More People Engaged In LifeLong Learning , Thru The Open University

Not Enough Funding For More Salaried Teachers, And More Official Classrooms? Facilitate In A Brokering Capacity, Self-Directed Teachers From The Community In Finding Resources And Students Who Pay Directly. Organize Creative Use Of Meeting Facilities In Local Civic Centers, Restaurants, Schools, Etc.

People Are Going To Need New Job Skills For A Constantly Advancing Technological Revolution. They Also Need Something Constructive To Do, To Help Them Grow Mentally, And Keep Learning New Things. A Finite Resources College Model Is Inadequate To The Task.

2. Use Computer Power To Facile-E-Tate { To Make Easy } Basic Shelter, Food, Clothing, Transportation, Tools, Garden Spots. This Is An Absolute Imperative. Don't Wait For LeftBrained Politicians To Understand.

3. De-Story all Old Paradigm Quasi-Public Agencies That Use Only Checkbook Thinking , Handing Out "The Fish" From The Taxpayers' Treasury, Instead Of "Teaching Them How To Fish". Any Social Service Agency Worker On The Job For More Than One Year Should Be Retrained. All They Do Is Fund Their Own Jobs And Care Nothing For The Clients { And Get No Results }.

4. Apply This Grant Money Saved In #3, To #1 & Libraries . Schools And Libraries Should Be First Priority In Any Governmental Budget Equations.

5. Replace Commercial TV Aimed At An Eighth Grade Reading Level With Password-Protected InterNet Web Servers, And Capsulized Learning Courses With DialUp Access. The InterNet Appears To Be Accomplishing This One. The Passwords Can Be Given In The Lesson Before, In Ongoing Learning Sequences.

6. Facilitate The Underground Economy As A Backup Economic System .

Blend "Jobs Now" Temporary Work With Barter-Paid Work, And Volunteer Work.

7. Replace The IRS Laws With A 15% Flat Transaction Tax . Enforce This By Acting As A Real Broker. Government Does Not Have To Always Be "Payor".

8. If Local Government Is Unresponsive To Doing This, Assign Local College To This Role . Where There Is No Local College, Assign This "Jobs Now" Desk Role To Well-Established Churches And Other Local Level Organizations.

This file can be found at http://www.snowcrest.net/soza/jobs/safemodl.htm


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