The Best Social Program Is A Job.

Everyone Feels More Self-Esteem If They Are Earning Their Keep.

People Who Have Good Self-Esteem Are Less Likely To Abuse Their Families.

People Who "Eat Right" Are Less Likely To Abuse Their Families.

People Who Eat Right Are Less Likely To Steal.

Lack Of Eating Adequately Produces "What's Yours Is Mine" Syndrome.

Social Service Personnel Need To Learn More About Nutrition And Human Behavior.

People Need Help Finding Something Constructive To Do, That Also Puts Money In Their Pocket Or Purse, And They Are More Likely To Be Able To "Eat Right". Mandated Benefit Programs Are Too Narrowly Focused On Government's Role As "Payor". They Should Help Everyone Who Asks For Help

Finding Work.

Government Does Not Always Have To Be "Payor", Paying Out Checks. Government Can Act As "Job Broker", Like A Temporary Employment Agency.

Do Not Use This To Catch People For Doing Something Wrong. It Is Not Wrong To Work To Help Your Family Survive, Even If All The Work You Can Find Is Helping Somebody Fix Up Their House, And Then Naturally "Forget" To Report This Income.

It Is Government's Inadequacies That Produce The Underground Economy. When Civilization Breaks Down, The People Always Have The Right To Barter. Why Not Install An Efficient Barter System Before Civiliza- tion Breaks Down Altogether?


Work Toward A Common Data Format For All Jobs-Related Agencies. Have Current Software Vendors Give You Capacity To Make An Extra Copy Of Their Data Files In ASCII Characters, Where Each Entry (Ad) Is In One Single Line, With One ENTER (CR,LF). Require All Jobs-Related And Skills-Related Agencies To Help Everyone Find Work, Not Just People Who "Qualify" For Government Benefits.

Have Every Jobs-Related Or Skills-Related Agency Share Data, In This Common Data Format That Is Free-Form On Content, Like The Real Estate Multiple Listing Service Work To Facilitate Short-Term, Temporary Tasks As An Alternative When Fulltime Jobs Are Not Plentiful When Money Units Are Stagnant, Fall Back To Barter Units Employers Who Want Your Agency To Screen Applicants Can Use A Blind Box Ad.

Try To Treat Each Job Order As A Work Ticket, Standardizing As Much As Possible In Some Kind Of Designated Units Like The Commodities Futures Markets. Try To Present This To The Public As A Non-Coercive Extra Service They Are Getting, A "Choice", Not A "Have-To". Allow Anyone To Place A Free Ad Listing A Particular Jobskill, A Separate Ad For Each Jobskill. Allow Anyone To Place A Free Ad Listing A Particular Job Opening, A Separate Ad For Each Job Opening. Discontinue Enforcing Any Regulation That Discourages Benefit Recipients From Developing Good Work Habits. Reward Them For Trying To "Make It On Their Own". Don't Make Them

Feel Like A Criminal For Trying.

At First, Place These Ads On 4"x6" Index Cards, And Sort Them Into Piles By Type Of Skill.

Publish These Ads In Some Inexpensive Way, And Let Both Sides See The Listings.

Open Up The Jobs-Related And Skills-Related Data Files To Other Organizations Like Churches And Charities That Will Help. Remove Or Reduce The Tax Exemption For Any Church That Will Not Help.

Provide Information Management With The Same Type Of Program To Organize Transportation, Tool Usage, Babysitting, Roommates, Barter Of Used Things, Garden Produce, Firewood, Etc.

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