Documenting The Transition From Old-Style Linear Lesson Planning To New-Style Hypertext Lesson Plan, Including A Design For Tests That Grade Themselves

Some of what I want to teach teachers is not strictly computer technical stuff. It overlaps into systems thinking, quality management and planning, futurism and meditation, and smart nutrients. I am also an expert on stress and nutrition, and the brain, from a unique perspective, and I am also a member of Mensa. In fact, much of what I want to include is not computer software stuff at all, but it is about learning.

As a software technical writer, and as a philosopher-futurist, the Documenting is "The Thing". The documenting CREATES the mental model and the metaphor that materializes or manifests the future level-of-consciousness of choice.

Part of MY work is to build these "Better Ladders To Heaven"---the mental models and metaphors for followers to follow, in converting from LeftBrained thinking to WholeBrainedWithHeart thinking, in the educational arenas. [ For more on how metaphor and mental models help us to create the future, see my commentary and some excerpts from Julian Jaynes' The Origins Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind. ]

In the same way, part of learning "how to learn how to learn", is in learning to document your journey in thinking, each week recording your intentions as to what you will focus on, and in then recording your progress on certain points, whether you had any stumbling blocks, and whether anything made learning that material particularly easy, whether you are having trouble concentrating, or focusing, and what seems to help that.

In making recordings of your thoughts, you strengthen the learning process, because "learning" is apparently some kind of recording within our biological media. So, in a broad sense, documenting your self-directed course means a special kind of journaling. When you SEE the words, or SPEAK the words, and when you TYPE the words with your finger muscles, you strengthen your capacity to understand this kind of information, because you make a stronger RECORDING in your atoms and molecules.

We can use the same kind of journaling to document our self-discovery of how to be prepared in the wholistic mode, to be "on-stage" in the classroom. When you have a thought as to what helps you feel enthusiastic and energized about a subject, or about all subjects, record it, and later you can share this with other teachers.

What does it take to get you totally tuned in to your subject material, so that you can directly transmit these "thought frequencies" to the students? These are the ideas that you can help me document, by volunteering them. We need to synergize the collected wisdom of the best teachers, and make this available to new or less-experienced teachers, so that they can learn to be better teachers from your collected wisdom.

I would love nothing more than being the catalyst for teachers writing this book as a group effort. I am committed to making this happen, whatever it takes. If I can find someone who has already done it---any part of this effort--- that we can use as a resource model, then I will put those URLs on my home pages. They can be in the printed book also, but these pages can be always changing, and URLs can become obsolete, when printed in books.

With more teachers empowered to really transmit knowledge directly, In The Moment, speaking and listening with both sides of their brains, to students listening with both sides of their brains, and to use both sides of their brains while designing the lesson plan structures that define their courses, all students will learn easier, and all teachers will do the right thing.

Learning how to turn off that LeftBrain verbal chatter except when we need it, and deepening our listening to the RightBrain intuitive pre-verbal level of knowing, will help us all learn.

First of all, we want to leave behind BLAME, JUDGING, DOUBT, and LABELING. It doesn't help to try and blame anyone or any segment of society for the fact that our schooling has been too much on the LeftBrained side. Each of us does the best we can, with what we understand at the moment. It is not necessary to lay blame or breed divisiveness. What matters is to advance the state-of-the-art of teaching, to new heighths, to make all teachers better teachers, all learners better learners.

BLAME and LABELING, JUDGING, DOUBT and other negatives like that do not promote WholeBrained learning. For me to condemn another means that I have to shut off my own HeadToHeart connection. For me to try and cheat or lie or somehow advance myself or my pocketbook by hurting another, costs too much. I need that HeadToHeart connection, that inner conscience, to know when I am right and when I am wrong. I can't sacrifice that inner knowing for momentary advantage.

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