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A philosopher futurist focuses on creating a new prosperity vision for Siskiyou County, California, as an example and a resource model for other communities, globally.


My World: Archives Of The Iterations Process

For all this time, 25 years or so, I had thought that no one would understand my world view, unless they also had a science background (chemistry, physics), and also a computer programming background---mine since 1969.

Well, as time goes on, more people do have these skills, and also when I took a class in Systems' Theory in Fall of 1995, I discovered that what I knew had become mainstream management talk, just in different words.

For a summary on the "new management talk", from the viewpoint of a philosopher-futurist,
How To Convert A Company To A Learning Organization
For some of the most revealing of my writings over the last 25 years, put out here for you to learn how a philosopher-futurist thinks. The real truth is that it is simple to impact things, like what Christians call "intercession", or what Mahatma Ghandhi called "Truth Firmness". The reason that my meditation can influence everything is that everything is interconnected, thru the center of the atoms.

Most of these documents are actual peace activist documents.

Welcome To My World

The "New Story", Subtitled "The Next World Is Crystallized In Tranquility"


The Way It Is
An Essay On The CRUX Of Our Evolutionary Hangup

Let me help your dreams crystallize.

"Learn how to project ahead in Time, into a probable future of your own construction, instead of into a probable future of your own worst fears."

Gestalt Definition As Conscious Creation

Futurism Simplified

Welcome To My World

I actually built my "own little world", my alternative reality. This is really very simple, if you realize that all the universes are just software.

Archives In The Style Of Thomas Jefferson

Plug In To My Already-Established Alternative Reality
Key Ideas About What This All Means.

T.O.X.I.N.s. .R.E.L.E.A.S.E. 1977 A Lifestyle Design You Might Need, If You Work Under Stress, Use Social Or Medical Drugs, Or Breathe Smog

Carrying Capacity
Too Many People In One Spot Leads To Problems

On The Peace Process
A Still Open Offer To Apply My BreakThru Thinking To The Peace Process

Winter Solstice 1982
A Milestone In Creating The Already-Established New Paradigm I Built

Deeper Philosophical/Physics View Of Time-Matrix Translation

WE HAVE TO HURRY An Actual Letter To Then Secretary Of State Henry Kissinger ... A Must Read!!!

How To Be A Heart-Centered Business Person

Create Your Own Future The Nitty Gritty Of Time-Matrix Translation, Simplified
Create Your Own Future The Nitty Gritty Of Time-Matrix Translation, One Critical Period Defined

Goals How To Define Your New Life Script; Based On My Interpretation Of Tony Robbins System

The War On The Family And The Treasury, By The Credit Card Corporations

On Our Local Unorganized Militia An Impression From A Paralegal

College Job Placement As New Vortex Of Economy
As LeftBrained Government Structures Collapse Around Us
This doesn't mean that we have to destroy them, it means that they don't work anymore. Violence is for wimps, too afraid of transcending into higher realms. Anyone who thinks that Force is the answer just doesn't "get it".

On The Homeless And Their Needs

A Letter To President Clinton About My Software

Creating Taxpayer-Funded Jobs Makes For Minus Earners 

A Loving & Benevolent God Comes Thru 1972

On A Common Data Format, To Local Jobs Agencies

Facilitate The Underground Economy As A Backup Economic System

A Design For A SafetyNet Resource Model
PRALAYA..."All forms in the material world have a tendency to decay, so a periodic dis-solution is necessary, to renvew the forms, at higher levels of consciousness."

Our task is to get things "stuck" again, at higher quantum levels of thought frequency than before. The "stuck-ness" holds the atoms --vortex patterns of energy-- together in a regular pattern.

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