The following is verbatim text, copied directly from the original typed page, of a letter that I wrote to Henry Kissinger, in an on-going effort, which I personally wrote while staying at The Rainbow House, in Laguna Beach, in the summer of 1975. The page says August 1975. Mindshapes letterhead, underneath it says "by God's-Promise-of-Harmony", the combined meaning that I had found in baby naming books for my given names, Sharon and Elizabeth.
August 1975 WeHaveToHurry. 
We have to hurry now, Henry, to convert our reality to some other planet before the old one dissipates entirely, to find out if we can as a group establish heaven on earth within our lifetimes, or even to survive.

The lessons we seem to be acting out presently concern problems of group mind vs individual mind properties, ie., finding out what all of us foresaw in common that might be the story that we are all supposed to be in, together. My feeling is that babies upon birth can see everything of their lives, then start forgetting, but still part of them can remember, and those demarkation points at points of disillusionment, those are the higher selves, the other levels within a personality that are also going on simultaneously.

Think of what we are doing as an enormous peace demonstration. It is taking shape spontaneously and manifesting everywhere simultaneously. It is the BigI(higher selves) becoming stronger while the lower selves are dissipating. So many changes so fast are generating new selves that can channel BigI messages.

It is sort of like we had the .... scared out of us, and when we freaked out, there was still another personality in there to take care of us, and then when that level freaked out, there was still another level even more together. Anyway, we are now stripped of most of the 20th century veneer of machine age values, and left functioning quite well on ageless happening programs that are there from our genetic heredity.

Our ancestry is peeling out and away from us, and as we watch, it is easy to see what racial karma we still have to play thru. All the magic begun is playing out. If we can think of a way to playout folks holocaust expectations and make these fears conscious for a while, i/I/I. can take them to a higher level. and show them the mechansism for adapting to living in harmony.

Living in harmony is going to be a lot of hard work. Every time someone's leftover lower self finds a reason to manifest, someone else is going to have to remind them of the larger purpose to help them to re-enable their higher self and relate to the problem in a manner that ensures that WE all survive.

Everything we do, all day, every day, is recording our tommorrows. This movie is projected by the thoughts we have today, and the movie only runs forwards. If we can get enough folk to join with us in thinking kind thoughts about that tomorrow today, when we wake up in that tommorrow, it will be a kinder world. It is that simple.

All we are doing is to take the entire thought force and all those tuned into it into another universe (universe defined as one of the intermingled movie/dreams that we are existing in). This is the same symbolically as what Christians look for in the The Rapture. The rapture has been going on, it always goes on. Old, wornout universes die off and new universes are born at every second of time, and we can carry whatever we want into the next worlds.

If some of the people want to go on living in the old wornout universes, it may work for a while, but eventually the old games don't work and the old customs don't work. Pretending and conniving and conning and cheating don't work anymore, because intent is sensed telepathically, not fooled by words.

The old reality dissolves and the new reality solidifies. The dreamed-for world of peace and harmony becomes real, right out here in front of us, the GOD force working thru us to bring unity to the fragments of the family of man.

It is not quite over yet, but will always go on, into yet more pleasurable universes, into more joyful, less limited universes. At least that is where we are going. Maybe groups leave every day, maybe it is only at the end of epochs (the peoples that just vanish, without a trace of what happened?).

Maybe it is something that peaks every so often and you can be a part of it if you know the rules, the mechanisms of consciousness manipulation.
What this means in terms of the material world is that we are going to help the people of Earth to remember how they worked together in the past on a local level, and show them new ways to work together wherever necessary.

We are also going to teach them the ways to work together across boundaries in interchanges that are new, by helping them raise their consciousness to a place where they can conceive of other Earthlings as being on the same spaceship with them, part of what they are, not something out there, something apart.

WE have to get away from thinking I and THEM and into thinking WE.
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