Would Your Government Write Laws To Waive National Sovereignty To A Multi-National Organization Like The United Nations Should Be, With Its Own Military Forces, To Come In And Rescue The People, If A Dictator Or A Party Of Gangsters Grabbed Control Of Your Government?

Would You Practice A Lifestyle To Prevent Devastation Of Your Thinking Metabolism, By Effects Of Stress, Like An Athlete Does, Staying "In Training" For Good Decision Making, To Try To Avoid Still Being In Office And Having Your Mind Become Rancid, Full Of Free Radicals, And Negativity, And Yourself Turn Out To Be A "Rogue And Villanous" Leader?

Are You Committed To Doing Your Very Best For The Benefit And Best Interests Of Your People, And Being A True Theme-Maker And Broker For Getting Things Done To Make A Good Life For Your People? For Those Times When Cashflow Is Lacking, You Still Have Barter\Trading, And Government Could Broker These Things To Be Exchanged From Among The Private Property That Citizens Own. It Does Not Mean That Government Must Take The Property Away From Anyone, Just Help Needs Be Met, By Facilitating And Brokering THINGS-NEEDED With THINGS-OFFERED. Even After Your Country Is Fully Funded By National Investment Mutual Funds, This Role Will Be Needed. Instead Of Increasing Government Central Control, As Government Has More Money, You Could Make Everyone's Share More. Would Not This Be In The Best Interests Of Your People?

It Took Mikhail Gorbachev Less Than One Month As Absolute Ruler, To Start Giving Ridiculous Ultimatims To Lithiuania.

If Your Form Of Government Does Not Now Have A System Of "Checks And Balances" Like The United States Of America, An Executive, Legislative, And Judicial Branch, Can You See Your Way Clear To Start Re-Structuring Your Own Mega-Executive Branch Up Into More Units, To Take More Parts Of Your Job And Delegate These Tasks To Someone Else. This Will Reduce Your Stress Level, And Improve Your Chances Of Being Remembered As A Good Leader In Your Nation's History Books.

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