An Open Letter To James Baker,

U.S. Secretary Of State
In Care Of The White House And President George Bush 09-16-91


Another Approach To Consider Proposing
On The Israeli-Palestinian Land Disputes

I do not believe that Israel should give back land that it won in combat in self-defense, but that it should pay just compensation to individual Palestinians and Palestinian families, for their farms and homes and businesses, that were private property, not former Jordanian public property. In California, we have legislation to protect the private property owner, and make the government pay just compensation for the unlawful taking of private property. See California Civil Code and Code of Civil Procedure.

On the loan guarantees, if we are going to continue to support the Israeli government so substantially, we should propose that they either become a state of the United States, like Hawaii, or Alaska, or adopt the same Constitutional guarantees like our states, so that we will not be blamed by the Arabs, and rightly so, for supporting Israel when they are so blatantly violating the rights of Palestinians.

No peace conference can bring justice to individual Palestinians, unless each individual or family is compensated for their property taken. Each family should be negotiated with separately. This might mean that some American-trained lawyers who are experts in California (or other states)
Inverse Condemnation procedures, should setup seminars to train Middle East lawyers to handle these claims.

The United States Of America must learn to help other countries, with ideas, by setting an example, but without mortgaging the future of our children, putting it on the taxpayers' credit card.

We cannot even keep our entitlements commitments to our former combat soldiers, and the weakest and most helpless of the group, and now we must cheat them out of their benefits due to the supposed requirements of the national budget deficit. When are we going to be honest about operating "in the red ink"?

The American taxpayers should not be asked to help provide housing in Israel for Soviet Jews, when we cannot provide for our own homeless people, here in the United States. Totalitarianism just ended, anyway, so why are they still fleeing to Israel?

Sharon E. Soza