What I AM Is A "Lipika". You Can Read More About All This In H.P. Blavatsky's
The Secret Doctrine , Available From

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I Have Studied The Secret Doctrine , Off And On, Like Some People Study
The Christian Bible, Since About 1978. It Is An Encyclopedia Of Cosmology
And Mythology, Comparative Religion.

My Own Concepts Had Been Formed Prior To 1974.

[ Note Added 09-29-91: H.P. Blavatsky Calls What I Am Trying To Teach You,
Being A "Lipika". It Is A Little Unclear Yet, Whether I Was Taught These
Same Truths About The Interface Between Matter And Energy And Thought
Frequency, Because I Made That Silent Wish To Be Given More Psychic Gifts
To Use To Help People, And Was Visited By The AscendedMasters\Angels That
Same Night, When I Was Almost 22, Or From The PersonalityChanges\Mental-
Reprogramming Process I Went Thru After An Auto Accident When I Was
Almost 23, Or Both. I Quite Often Felt That The Spiritual Beings Were
Nearby, When I Was Doing My Intuitive Writing. It Is Hard To Be Sure.
I Never SAW Any Angels. I FELT Angels.

When I Was 17, Or Even Younger, Once I Was Driving Around A Curve In My
Family's Car, And I Decided I Wanted To Adjust The Seat, And The Car Started

To Skid, So I Tried To Remember What They Taught Us In Driver Training Class,

Which Way To Turn The Wheel, And What Happened Next Was So Startling, That
I Knew I Had A "Guardian Angel". The Movement That I Made With The Steering
Wheel Caused The Car To Start Going Backwards, And It Came To Rest On A Metal

BedSprings That Someone Had Dumped In That Ditch To Throw It Away.

Here Is What Blavatsky Says About The "Lipika" In "The Secret Doctrine",
(I Can't Underline In This Editor.), 5th (Adyar) Edition, Volume 1,
Page 165.

The "Lipika," from the word lipi, "writing," means
literally the "Scribes." Mystically, these Divine Beings
are connected with Karma, the Law of Retribution, for they
are the Recorders, or Annalists, who impress on the (to us)
invisible tablets of the Astral Light, "the great picture-
gallery of eternity"---a faithful record of every act, and
even thought, of man; of all that was, is or ever will be,
in the phenomenal Universe. As said in "Isis Unveiled",
this divine and unseen canvas is the "BOOK OF LIFE". As it
is the Lipika who project into objectivity from the passive
Universal Mind the ideal plan of the Universe, upon which
the "Builders" reconstruct the KOSMOS after every pralaya,
it is they who stand parallel to the Seven Angels of the
Presence, whom the Christians recognize in the Seven "Planetary
Spirits," or the "Spirits of the Stars"; and thus it is they
who are the direct amanuenses of the Eternal Ideation---or,
as Plato calls it, the "Divine Thought."

My dictionary says that
"amanuensis" means "a person employed to write what another
dictates or to copy what has been written by another;

I Know That It Is The Same As Divine. It Is The Same As What A King Or An
Emperor Knows, Expressed In HighTech Programming Language.

i/I Think Of This Level, When I Write In All Capitalized Words, As My Own
Higher Self, Consciously Channeling From An Even Higher Self, The Infinite
Intelligence, Or Cosmic Computer. When This First Started, I Had Never
Heard Of Many Of The Concepts. As Time Went On, I Gradually Understood And
More Consciously Used The Principles Myself. I Guess I Have Been Learning
To Be A Lipika. It Is Too Coincidental, It Seems, To Believe That I Discovered

All This With My Logical Scientific Mind. Too Much Of It Came Thru The Pre-
Verbal Or "Vibrations" Level Of Awareness, Which I Began To Objectively Call
"Thought Frequency".

I Feel Like It Is Safe To Tell You How To Be A "Lipika", But There May Be
Some For Whom This Is Moving "Too Fast". If So, I Am Sorry, But This
Probably Means That You Need Better Nutrition Or Something To Improve The
Blood Flow To Your Brain. To Use This Knowlege To The Fullest, I Believe
That You Should Start Learning To Program In PowerBasic And MS-DOS.

Anyway, It Has Been My Job Since At Least 1975, To Be The Channel For
Symbolic Magic Helping To ........

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