Arab Terrorism Became A Thing Of The Past After Israelis Gained Enough
Brainwave Coordination From Taurine And "Anti-Dys-Rhythmia" Herbs, To Stop
Feeling Afraid Of Their Neighbors, And Realized That They Had To Compensate
The Palestinians Who Were Cheated Out Of Their Homes And Farms And Businesses, Without Receiving Just Compensation. Israel Agreed To Abide By The Human Rights Protections Of The American Constitution, And Eventually Weaned
Their Economy From Dependence Upon American Congress, After They Had To
Spend Less And Less On Their Defense Expenses.

Arab Nations RE-GREENED Their Deserts, Using The Irrigated Circles And
Ocean Water That Was Pumped Thru Filters Made Of Huge Plexiglas Cylinders
Filled With Special Sand From Volcanic Ash From The Phillipines, That Had
A Favorable Ratio of Plant Nutrient Minerals, But Had To Add Potassium To
Balance Out The Sea Sodium. Kelp And Other Sea Weeds Were Grown On The
Flooded Areas For Years, And Then Harvested And Returned To The Persian
Gulf By Rail Car, To Leach Minerals Back Out Of The Sea Water, And Purify
The Land.

When This Became Possible, More Arab Families Could Farm Their Land And
Grow Food And Animals, And So, Many Of The Palestinians Dispossessed From
Their Ancient Lands By The Israelis, Were Able To Buy Farms In The Saudi
Arabian And Iranian Former Deserts.

The Iraqi People Finally Were Freed Of The Gangsterism That Had Held Their
Government Power For Decades. Saddam Hussein Was Discovered To Suffer From
Cancer Of The Prostate And Since He Was Afraid Of Leaving His Subterranean
Bunkers To Seek Medical Treatment, He Found The Pain In His Bones Intoler-
able And He Decided To Commit Suicide. He Never Admitted To His People
That Iraq Had Lost The Persian Gulf War Of Early 1991.

His Whole Clan Committed Suicide With Him, Like Hitler And Jim Jones,
Under Seige By United Nations Soldiers After Accidentally Firing One Of Their
SCUD Missles At A Nuclear Submarine In The Mediterranean. It Was A Near Miss,
But The Civilized Nations Of The World At Last Realized The Danger In Allowing
Any "RogueAndVillainous" Dictator To Remain In Power.

After His Death, Officials Of The Democratic Republic Of "New Mesopotamia",
Upon Cataloging His Vast Underground Property, Discovered That As The
Cancer Had Spread From His Prostate To His Brain, He Had Become Extremely
Paranoid And Had Been Afraid To Eat More Than A Tablespoon A Day Of Normal
Above Ground Grown Food, And Had Been Ingesting A Diet Of Artificial Food
Made In An Underground Laboratory, With BioTech Recombinant DNA, And
Grown Under Artifical Light. The Cancer In His Prostate Gland Was The
Cause Of Hundreds Of Tumors In His Brain Cavity. Less That 15% Of His Brain
Cavity Was Found To Contain Normal Brain Tissue. His Brain Was Preserved
For Study By The Former KGB Brain Institute.

The Tigris And The Euphrates Were Shared With Drier Arab Countries Thru A
System Of Pipelines Like The Alaska Oil Pipeline.