What Personal Sovereignty Really Means

[ I was the originator of the use of the words "personal sovereignty", during the late 1980's. The term means that everyone should be allowed to stay conscious at their own highest level of brainwave coordination, their own highest level-of-consciousness, if we expect them to be self-sufficient, and if we expect them to be productive. Ruling over people with FEAR, FORCE and COERCION does not allow them to stay conscious at their own highest level.

This argument helped to convince Mikhail Gorbachev to follow the path of Perestroika and Restructuring, a genie that he could not put back in the bottle. I wrote both he and Ronald Reagan a series of letters that helped stimulate them to have the summit meetings that destoried the nuclear weapons threats, and unraveled the "Cold War". ]

I wrote these [ programs ] several years ago, [ 1987 thru 1991 ] in PowerBASIC syntax, under MS-DOS. They are keyboard-oriented, text mode. They are not presently CUA-compliant, as I envisioned my software for government uses, where you would want to guide the user thru a procedural sequence.

[One important aspect about these source code toolkits is that I was working on them, during the years when my peace activist efforts, my "peace process initiatives", were inadvertently unraveling the greatest stagnation of all: the "Cold War". To see them or some of them be actually used, in more modern syntax, would be a way of helping to manifest the "new paradigm".]