Seed Time Prayer 1973

I am including the words of my enabling prayer of 12/14/73, the one that REALLY got the ball rolling.

"At this, the seed-time of the year, the time which corresponds to the new moon in the lunar cycle in that energies are contracted, non-manifest,

I request the direction of your thoughts, energies toward the tasks(s) at hand, of gathering together the energies (people, resources, waste products) of this sphere and making of this dying planet a heaven, or refuge, a place of safety.

Assist me in finding the answer to the riddle of the universe, in terms that I can show to the people most deluded, something to solve the most immediate crisis, the best fallacy we are operating under, that myth most contributing to the present imbalance.

Show me who and what and when and why.

Use me as an instrument of thy will, Father.

Continue to show me the answers to other's problems and aid me in being able to talk to the person(s) at their level, in their language.

Help me to learn how to present my answers such that anyone can understand them.

Show me the illustrations to use, give me the outline of the relevation algorithm.

Copyright, 1996 Shari {Seth} Soza

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