One of Milan's Students
             Thu, 28 Aug 1997 22:56:48 -0700
             Shari Soza <>
             SHARI SOZA

I have been taking classes of Milan Vodicka,   at the Yreka Campus of COS,  at the Process Technology building,   since Fall of 1995.   I am not a graduate of the Process Technology program,   but I have taken most of the courses.   You can check my transcript,  and see the grades I got.

I really believe in what he is trying to do,  and the teaching methods he uses.
I have had two or three semester projects focused on educational reform and why.

I originally had signed up to take AutoCAD,  then when I heard this man's first 4-hour lecture,   I felt these synapses going off all over my head,  like "my life falling into place".  I had never had any experience like that.  He is a great motivational speaker.  He seems able to bring out the best in everyone.   He makes you want to develop to your full potential.

He is also on the cutting edge of teaching technique.   He needs at least 3 or 4 part-time staff people he can depend on,  to take some of the responsibility off his shoulders, so that he can do what he does best,  inspire,  motivate and enlighten.   These people should be some of  his former students,  who might be working somewhere else part-time,  also.

They can best support what he is trying to do,  in this more self-directed project- oriented style of teaching.   You can't just pick somebody off the street,  who has never heard his whole program.

Each semester,  he,  as well as the students,  seems to be kept waiting for this search to find a single lab assistant.   You can't expect to keep these young family men,  with $9 an hour and less than part-time work.   As soon as their bills pile up,  they will be gone,  to a better-paying situation,  leaving him with no helper.

You also can't realistically expect Milan to do all this all by himself,  teach all the classes,  be the publicity director and grant-writer,   manage the computer network,    go to all these meetings,  etc.  He is only human.

And you can't expect all the students to indefinitely give their time and effort as volunteers,  when they badly need cashflow to pay their bills and support their families.

I have some teaching experience myself,   from my younger years,
and I have considered much of my involvement at the PTTC as volunteer teaching,
for the last two years.

I am a semi-retired widow,   was "self-employed",  but have had to face reality that I am a "glorified computer hobbyist".

I am strong on HTML and Internet/Intranet skills,   which he badly needs,   and I am strong on desktop publishing,   and paralegal writing.

My mother was a newspaper reporter during my years from 7 till 22.   In high school,  I was the Publicity Director for the Young Republicans Club.

I have a long history of lobbying world leaders to choose peace,  and am publishing many of my memoirs on the Internet.

Intellectually,  I was a National Merit Finalist,  in 1963,   and in high school,  was always in the 98% and 99% level on nationally-standardized tests,  including SAT.  I am a member of Mensa.

My BS degree was in Chemistry,  1968,  from Lamar in Beaumont,  Texas,
and I have a deep understanding of stress and nutrition.

From  about 1978 till 1991,   I developed software as a computer hobbyist,  and tried to promote it.   Unfortunately,  it is in DOS mode,  in PowerBasic syntax.   When Windows came along,  I got left behind.   About then,  my spinal arthritis got worse.

In late 1992,  my husband died,  and after that,  I had to try and find a way to "make my own job",   at things that were more realistic,   energy efficiency analysis,  desktop publishing,   computer consulting,  web page design,  software technical writing,   etc.

Due to health problems,  I haven't made much of a success out of my "self-employment" free-lance efforts.   I have been better at publishing my memoirs on the Internet,  and being a student,   continually learning and evolving.

I took some of the Legal Assistant courses,  but had to give up on that path,  because the Siskiyou County law library is poorly ventilated,   and it caused my spinal arthritis to flare up.   I had been my husband's paralegal since 1977,  and he was quite litigous.   I could handle any paralegal work that might come up,   in Milan's work.

I have a weakness in having no experience in grant-writing,  but I am strong in Word for Windows,   and can manage in PowerPoint.   Last Spring semester,  I helped Milan work on a presentation in PowerPoint.

I would dearly love being involved in his educational technology projects,  or in courseware development.

I am very RightBrained,  and a creative thinker,    with strong intuitive skills.

I have taken Milan's management courses in Systems Theory and Quality
Management,    and really love Systems Theory.

I know that these strengths do not exactly fit your job description as Milan's lab assistant,   but I hope that you will get to know me,   and find a way sometime in the future,  to help me work part-time for Milan,   especially to help him promote the Process Technology and his
teaching methods.

I know that he is thinking of attracting students,  the "ATP" or energy molecule of school business,   but I am thinking of taking what he does and "putting it into a bottle" for other teachers.   For what he does is not just make technology more understandable,  but he teaches his students how to learn better.

I am just now working on a proposal for a more humane SafetyNet than the present SSDI and SSI disabilty evaluation process.    I foresee replacing that whole bureaucracy with something funneling them into the local junior college,  with a first stopover at their local public health office for tests to see if they have any chronic fatigue producing viruses,  for instance,   and real help in getting themselves healed again,  so that they can be contributing members of society,  not just saying "NO,  you don't qualify".

I see part of what Milan is doing as a good resource model for helping unemployed people into more productive endeavors.

He has been a great inspiration to me,  and to many others of his students.
Help me be able to help him do this,   on a paying basis.

Don't forget to send me the official application.
You can send it by email, if you have the file handy.

Shari Soza
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