Two Expressions of a Sidereal Scorpio Stellium

Comparing Rudolf Diels’ chart (Gestapo founder) with 'Mike' who is described as gentle, interested in theatre arts and music, with many friends, demonstrates a few sidereal and Hellenistic astrological techniques. Both have stelliums in sidereal Scorpio, but how different they are! A few of the differences are discussed below. Ptolemy's terms are used as translated by Robert Schmidt of Project Hindsight.

Click here to see Mike's chart.

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In Hellenistic astrology, Decans were apparently used to describe much about the person. Mike's Ascendant decan belongs to Jupiter while Diel's ascendant decan belongs to Mars.

The Terms or Limits of the signs were considered very important. Mike's ascendant term belongs to Venus. Firmicus says of this term, “Those who have the ascendant in the terms of Venus will be musicians or lovers of music. They will be kind, benevolent, merciful, wishing to help all men...”

Diels' Ascendant term belongs to Mars. Firmicus says in part of this term on the ascendant: ...always indicates the passion of adulterers...are said to be charming and to win much profit from friendships with men.” (Hitler as friend)

Both Diels and Mike have a Sun-Jupiter conjunction. In the sidereal zodiac these are in different signs: Mike’s is in Scorpio and Diels’ is in Sagittarius.

Mike has sidereal Leo rising. So the Sun is his ascendant lord and conjoins Jupiter. This brings the best of Jupiter’s benevolence into the personality as long as Jupiter’s tendency to expand and overdo stays within bounds.

Diels has Scorpio rising. The Sun rules his 10th house. Paired with Jupiter this conjunction represents power and authority in the face of the world. The fact that Jupiter is in its own sign with its triplicity friend gives greater strength to the conjunction.

Diels’ ascendant lord is Mars. It’s in Leo (very strong sign for Mars as Mars is the domicile lord of a sign of its triplicity-- Aries). Mars is conjunct the MC and in the 10th house and is the dispositor of Diels’ Ascendant Scorpio stellium. Mars is strongly supported from the navamsa chart: From the navamsa Saturn, Pluto and Mars conjoin natal Mars in Leo. In the navamsa the Moon is closely conjunct natal Mars.

In Mike’s chart Mars as dispositor of the Scorpio stellium is in Virgo. Mars in a sign of Mercury loses much of its power, but it would still carry the energy of the stellium to the 2nd house (voice, resources). I’m wondering if there has been some affliction or infection involving the voice or throat during key transit times.

Then there’s the 10th house in the navamsa chart. Diels’ has the Sun in Aries--more power and more Mars. Mike has Neptune in Taurus--more Venus. Diels has Rahu crossing to natal Moon. Mike has Venus crossing to natal Moon.

Mike has Ketu conjoined to the natal Sun. Ketu will diminish the Sun’s power.

As for the location of the Scorpio stellium, Diels’ stellium in the ascendant sign and Mars in 10th square the stellium planets tell the story of his life as a Gestapo leader working with Hitler. Mike’s stellium is in the 4th, the house of family and friends according to Hellenistic doctrine.

If we want to give meaning to Scorpio as a (sidereal) sign, it’s emotionally expressive and restless. Moods can go up and down and in-between. For sidereal Scorpio association with others is important. It’s not the least bit internal as is Tropical Scorpio.

Diels’ Sun-Jupiter are in the terms of Jupiter, making Jupiter’s influence extra potent, and both Sun and Jupiter are with stars in the tail of the Scorpion.

Mike’s Sun-Jupiter are in terms of Mercury and Saturn. This will remove much of the Sun-Jupiter bravado. The Jyotish lunar mansion belongs to Mercury as well.

Notes posted by Therese Hamilton
February 16, 2005