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Shasta State Park

Old Shasta Town

Highway 299, 41 Miles East of Weaverville

- (530) 243-8194 -
PO BOX 2430, Shasta, CA 96087

Open Wednesday thru Sunday - Admission includes
FREE ADMISSION to "Weaverville Joss House" State Park

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Old Shasta Museum

State Flower and Old Shasta Museum

The location of the Shasta State Park, called "Shasta" in 1850 was the center of Northern California. Temporary camps, tents and shacks turned into permanent residences. It became a "town", with hotels, stores, saloons and a center of commerce.

You can stop along the side of highway 299 and "walk through time"...visiting the ruins of the remaining buildings, cemeteries, and imagine the life that flourished in Shasta. It's miners, merchants, ranchers, townspeople and their families that constituted this important gold rush era settlement.

The "Gold Rush" brought folks to the area, seeking their fortunes. A couple of initial settlements grew together into a "town", but a couple big fires soon led to the construction of the "fireproof walls" and Iron Shutters.

Not as permanent as the buildings, the area declined as the freight and stagecoach business moved away, and the Central Pacific Railroad bypassed Shasta in favor of nearby Redding. The principal merchants moved to new locations and the "county seat" itself moved to Redding. The "Queen City of the Northern California Mines" of the 1850s...soon became abandoned, and even some of the bricks found themselves part of buildings in the Redding area.

The buildings and area you see today, are a product of the efforts of the Native Sons of the Golden West, The Shasta Historical Society, and Mae Helene Bacon-Boggs who first started preserving "Old Shasta" in the 1920s. In 1937, the California State Parks Commission added to the acreage and in 1950 the "Courthouse Museum" opened.

Old Shasta Masonic Building

Old Shasta Masonic Building

Old Shasta

Old Shasta Fireproof Buildings from 1852

Old Shasta

Old Shasta Town Museum

Old Shasta

Old Shasta State Park Picnic Area

old shasta

Restored Old Shasta Bakery Building


Visit Nearby Weaverville's Joss House State Park
41 miles West of Old Shasta State Park

Weaverville Joss House State Park frequently

The Weaverville Joss House State Park

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Weaverville Joss House Frozen in Time 12/29/03

Lion Dance at Weaverville Joss House Historic Park, Each February,  White Tiger Kenpo Studio of Weaverville students  dance and perform Martial Arts demonstrations

Weaverville Joss House State Park- Lion Dance

Lion Dance on Main Street in Weaverville

Chinese New Year's Lion Dance on Main Street

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Weaverville Today Main Street is Highway 299

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