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150 Year-Old Weaverville Building Introduction - LINKS - Photo Links -

Weaverville Hotel Building Today The Weaverville Bandstand located at Court and Main Streets

The Weaverville Hotel (originally the Empire Hotel) was built in 1863
has just re-opened after extensive renovation next to the Weaverville Bandstand.

Exterior View of The Diggins 2004 Exterior View of Edgecombe Building

The F.W.Blake Bank,today's Diggins Saloon and Edgecombe Building,
today's Crystal Phoenix Gallery/Gifts



Trinity County


Celebrating 150 Years of Weaverville's Brick "fireproof" buildings. How to locate them, learn about them and to see pictures of them in the Historic District of Weaverville. Come Visit and shop in Weaverville and enjoy these amazing buildings.

Clifford Hall/Native Son'
s of the Golden West Building Weaverville, courtesy of Wells Fargo Bank

Clifford Hall/Native Sons of the Golden West Building, Weaverville- Photo:1933

1855 Clifford Hall Building Today

The Clifford Hall today in 2004

A special page is currently under construction to list these brick buildings and to show you where they are located so you may know what they were used for originally, and see what they are used for today.


- First Draft

Weaverville 150th Anniversary of the fireproof brick buildings constructed between 1854-1856. Eight of them were built in 1854; today they house various buildings including restaurant, title company, drug store, music store, atique store, gift shop, and more.

Three buildings, one with Hicks Weaverville Drug Store, the oldest was bult in 1855. Six buildings go back to 1856, and include an old Wells Fargo Freight Office and a bank that eventually became the headquarters of the Trinity National Forest and now is a Saloon.

The Jake Jackson Museum and Historical Park, will be providing members and docents for a Weaverville walking tour on October 1st and 2nd at 10:30 and 2:30PM, with additional assistance from members of E-Clampus Vitus. Information and storyboards will be provided at various buildings to give visitors information about the buildings. On the same day, at 10AM and 5 PM there are Blacksmithing demonstrations in the Historical Park. (530) 623-5211

Pictures, and diagrams will detail some of the original construction techniques that may be still in use today,

BE SURE TO PICK UP A COPY OF THE WEAVERVILLE WALKING TOUR and the 1860 Map Suppliment/Infopage at the Museum, and The Trinity County Chamber of Commerce.

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