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Weaverville Today Main Street is Highway 299

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Highland Art Center Garden Highland Art Center Main Street Gallery Rainbow in Weaverville Olsons Stoneware Annual Car Show in Lowden Park

Welcome to Weaverville...

It is easy today to walk through the Historical District of Weaverville, shade trees, fairly flat terrain, good sidewalks, with many points of interest along the way. The roadway you walk next to now had horses, mules and wagons in the 1840s, Automobiles along side in the '20s, and improved highway to Eureka in the 30s. Now a well maintained all-weather highways (299W and 3) complete with webcams. The purpose of this page is to provide suggestions of places to visit, provide information to make your visit to Weaverville and Trinity County more enjoyable..

Guided or Self-Guided Tours of Weaverville- During the summer on selected days walk around town with an experienced guide. Our gold rush history will come alive, as the who, what, where and when of Weaverville's historic buildings and colorful history is explained. YOU MAY PICK UP A COPY OF THE WEAVERVILLE HISTORIC WALKING TOUR MAP at the Trinity County Chamber of Commerce Office in Historic Old Town Weaverville for your SELF-GUIDED TOUR!

The GUIDED TOUR usually meets First Saturday of month, May through October at 2PM, Fronting Trinity County Chamber of Commerce at 215 S. Main St. next to the spiral staircase. -Please call to confirm time, availability of docent/guides, (530) 623-6101, the tour is sponsored by the Weaverville and Trinity County Chamber of Commerces-.

NOTE: The Guided TOUR HAS BEEN SUSPENDED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, PLEASE CONTACT The Trinity County or Weaverville Chambers of Commerce for the most recent information.

The TrinityCam Internet Information Project tried without success to interest the Chambers of Commerce, Trinity County Historical Society, Trinity Players, and others in working on a DOCENT or GUIDE PROJECT with NO SUCCESS. No interest was shown in modifying the existing SELF GUIDED TOUR of WEAVERVILLE brochure for use as a PDF or other document suitable for posting on the web.

The Weaverville Walking Tour Map and Brouchure is availiable at the Trinity County/Weaverville Chamber of Commerce or the Jake Jackson Museum only.

For now, explore the links on this page and enjoy Weaverville. Visit our galleries, picnic in our parks, stay in our quaint inns, dine in our restaurants and even e-mail your friends with your laptop on WIFI at a local coffee house...

Lion Dance Joss House Welcome to Weaverville Lee Ranchouse Studio Gallery Jackson Museum July 4th Spiral Staircase Fireworks at the Park

Enjoy Your Visit to Weaverville- Some links of Interest

Trinity County Tourism and Business LINKS

Weaverville Then and Now Joss House Temple

Weaverville 1930s, Today and the Joss House Taoist Temple in the Clouds

Weaverville Art Cruise First Saturday Nite SEND YOUR EVENT INFO TO WEBMASTER VISIT TrinityCam Tourism INFOsite CLICK HERE FOR TOURISM AND COMMUNITY EVENT CALENDAR CLICK HERE for Trinity Artist Information


Welcome...Step Back In Time...

Weaverville, California- is located on Highway 299W, 50 miles West of Redding. Visiting us today you will think that when you turn on to our historic tree-lined main street that you have been transported back in time.

However, you will find the modern conveniences to facilitate your visit everywhere. Our Red brick buildings circa 1850 with their White spiral staircases cast their shadows on the modern highway of today, just the same way they did when horses and wagons lined them in gold rush times.

Many of Weaverville's historical buildings date back to the 1850's and are home to the unique and the necessary. The many surviving red brick buildings adorned with wood, tin roofs and metal shutters are the result of surviving fires that burned parts of Weaverville almost to the ground in the early years. The thick 24" brick walls, some filled with sand, have resisted flames, weather and archietectual threats through time.

The varied town cuisine ranges from a '50s style' drive-in, modern franchise restaurants, your favorite deli food or a lovely gourmet restaurant to see and be seen in, it is all here. You will even find a Chinese Restaurant in a historic brewery building across from the Chinese Joss House Temple itself.

Modern motels, charming cabins, RV facilities, Bed and Breakfast or a historic Hotel, they are all here for your deserved rest and to fill your mind with the life that was weaverville 150 years ago.

There are many things to see and do in Weaverville from the art galleries and stores that have shelves lined with products from local craftpersons and artists, to antique and book stores provide memories of your visit. The Trinity Theatre with it's '30s exterior and modern 2 screen cinema even has real butter on the popcorn.

The first Saturday of each month brings the local "Art Cruise & Walk" that includes visits to the many galleries and the art show openings from 5 to 9PM. Daylight hours offer opportunities to walk self-guided tours, or visit the Jake Jackson Museum and Historical Park to view the many displays or the working circa 1920's Blacksmith Shop.

The famous Joss House Chinese Temple, has watched from under the trees as the nearby trail turned from Mule travel to year-around highway as horses, mules, wagons and coaches have turned into cars, motorcycles and now SUVs bringing people and commerce to Weaverville under the watchful gaze of the snow-capped Trinity Alps.

A large modern supermarket, major drug store and many retail stores serve the community and visitors alike year round. Weaverville is the county seat of Trinity County with government, with modern medical, legal and public safety services headquarterd here.

Advancements in telecommunications have brought Cyberspace, Cable TV and E-Commerce to those that want and need it here in the mountains.. New Cellular telephone towers will bring expanded communications to new parts Trinity county in 2008.

James Hilton, the author of "Lost Horizons" that introduced the legendary "Shangri-la" to the world said that Weaverville came closest to that definition than anywhere else on the planet. Visit Weaverville and you too will agree.

Our Alpine lakes, rivers and creeks offer many recreational opportunites from fishing, rafting and hiking to water sports, gold panning, bird watching and just plain resting in the forest.

Visit my many websites and pages with their pictures, calendars, maps, directories and tourism suggestions to help make your stay in Trinity a cherished memory.

This "Weaverville Walk Through History" webpage and the links found on it, is a great place to start!

Greg Greenwood. Webmaster - Last Update: 07/2007 -


About the Author: Greg came to Weaverville in the early 1970's when his parents moved to Weaverville for working retirement. After living most of his life in the San Francisco Bay Area, Marin County, Aptos-Big Sur and at the edge of Kaneohe Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, he always spent a few weeks every year in Trinity. A full-time resident since 1999, he has been "virtually" bringing people to Trinity County and Weaverville since 1993 on the internet.

He has provided FREE Internet Tourism, Business and Community Websites; as part of the "TrinityCam Project". These pages provide lists of ALL of Trinity's business, show pictures of our mountains, rivers, lakes, streams, forests, historical buildings and events.

The "TrinityCam" webcam has provided a window into our scenic paradise to the entire world with images uploaded everyday. Viewers from around the world become "visitors", people from around the country are inspired to move here and become neighbors.

Greg has been tending the webcam much like a "lighthouse keeper" year around, removing snow or visiting insects from the front camera enclosure, standing on a ladder. (7/2007)


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