P.E. Glendale-Burbank Line Right-of-way

Allesandro - Monte Sano area

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Street map of area

Close-up maps, from north to south

Monte Sano and the L.A. River Crossing

"At Monte Sano, the line left the hills and curved to the right to cross the Los Angeles River. A long pile trestle was constructed in 1904, but periodic washouts caused the company to replace it in 1928 with a chain of three bridges, built in conjunction with the city's Hyperion Viaduct, a massive structure costing more than a million dollars. The first bridge was a 227' steel four-span structure crossing the newly opened Riverside Drive; this had reinforced concrete abutments and concrete piers and foundations with concrete stairs leading to Riverside Drive; the bridge had a deck consisting of 7-inch girders with rock ballast on a concrete floor. Second was the bridge over the Los Angeles River, separated from the Riverside Drive Bridge by a short section of fill. Costing more than $135,000 in 1929, this bridge was 428' long with steel girders, concrete piers and a ballast deck, consisting of six spans which crossed the main channel; the balance of 189' was constructed with creosoted pile bents and creosoted timber and the 144' of the southerly end of the original structure was removed and replaced by a fill. The balance of the structure, 304' on the south and 148' on the north, was raised about four feet to meet the new grade. The tracks then passed over another short fill and then over Glendale Boulevard.(incorporated in the Hyperion Viaduct at this point) on a two-span steel structure with reinforced concrete abutments, reinforced concrete piers and piling pier foundation; this bridge was about 148' long. The track was laid in rock ballast on a concrete floor." - From "Glendale-Burbank Line" by the Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California

South to Fletcher Drive

Fletcher Drive and southeasterly

"The Fletcher Drive bridge was built in 1904. It was 453'6" long and had a clearance of 40'9'' from the pavement. This huge bridge was originally entirely of timber construction but in 1928, for the purpose of allowing Fletcher Drive to be opened beneath it, the center portion was rebuilt. This rebuilding consisted of installing a steel span construction 97' long supported by two steel structure box bents resting on concrete foundations, with a clearance of 61' through which Fletcher Drive passed." - From "Glendale-Burbank Line" by the Electric Railway Historical Association of Southern California

Remember the "Mile High" Curry's Ice Cream Shop literally in the shadow of the bridge??

R/W turns due south

Glendale Freeway - SR 2 - is to the right (east)

Continuing south

Right-of-way meets - and is obliterated by - the Glendale Freeway

Freeway and right-of-way intersect with Glendale Blvd.

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