From Above the Air...


Pacific Electric In Altadena




















PE's Altadena Substation - Lake Ave., between Calaveras and Mendocino Sts.

May, 1994 view



Altadena Substation, Lake Ave & Calaveras Street- December, 2000

"Newkirk" - Heading for Rubio Canyon and Mt. Lowe


"Last Day of Operation, 30 March 1938" is the caption on this Ernie Leo photograph, as PE wooden car 456 swings off Lake Avenue toward the private way at Newkirk, just north of Delores Drive

Sign under window reads "Rubio Canyon" - Does anyone know if this was an excursion or ??

Additional Mount Lowe Photos:

Poppyfields & Rubio Canyon

Echo Mountain Close-up

Circular Bridge

Alpine Tavern Area

Some on-the-ground Looks at Mt Lowe - c1966

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