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RightBrain Promoting Influences ---At Least For Me



1. Taking Systems Thinking and being exposed to the holistic teaching methods of my teacher, Milan Vodicka, and the meta-noia he created in me, with his motivational lecture. And the environment where it is okay to listen to the RightBrain.

2. An herbal formula that I invented in RightBrain mode, that promotes WholeBrain thinking, at least for me. I call it X+, and X++, for day use, and X-, and X--, for evening and night use. LINK HERE To buy a sample amount, send me a message by email, and I will send you the order form, a health questionaire, and my address. If you are on any medication, or have any special health conditions, I can adjust the formula.

One side-effect: it made me susceptible to more side-tracking, starting too many projects, having trouble bringing anything to completion. My remedy: L-Cysteine w/vitamin C, or N-Acetyl Cysteine, to promote decision-making. It seemed to help me focus, so I think it promotes LeftBrained thinking when you need it. Be sure to take B-complex with it.

3. A heart meditation written about in The Tibetan Book Of Living And Dying, that helps to keep my heart chakra open, even without a significant other of the opposite sex. Pick someone, and imagine compassion, taking in their pain and suffering on the inhale, and sending them your health and well-being on the outbreath.

The problem with this: remembering to consciously start doing the meditation.

An Editorial: One thing that is wrong with our culture---and here the mass media can assist---is that people are brainwashed by the popular culture (tv, radio, magazines, movies, etc.) to expect to find happiness with relationships that start as sexual attraction, involving the second chakras. If they instead expected to find happiness with relationships of the heart, the fourth chakra, and only later on, experience the second chakras, our families would be more stable, more loving, and would raise more stable, loving children.

4. More CAD (computer-assisted drafting) experience with AutoCAD and other CAD programs, that uses both sides of the brain. In learning or practicing CAD, our visual/spatial RightBrain side is keeping a mental model of each drawing, and the linear LeftBrain side is trying to learn or run the program.

5. Working on redefining my "personal vision", also inspired by my teacher, Milan Vodicka, as part of the course on Systems Thinking, and when he mentioned that we should aspire to develop to our full potential, or our highest potential.

6. A deep research into the Julian Jaynes book, The Origins Of Consciousness In The Breakdown Of The Bicameral Mind, especially the first two chapters on analog(y) and metaphor. I have a book report on this that I can send you by email, in .RTF format. It is almost a megabyte with the drawings. Try to request a copy from your library. To order a copy of the book, send me an email message, and I will send you an order form. It costs $13.85 plus $3.10 in shipping. LINK HERE

7. An anti-EMF device made by Clarus, that is supposed to be aligning my photons, or at least overwhelming the random noise generated on the subatomic level by all the computer gadgets.

This electronic gadget really does help me stay at my highest level-of-consciousness. There must be something about all the new electronic gadgets (computers, microwave ovens, etc.) that is harming us. I intend to get involved in selling them. For now, do a search on "EMF", or try "Pearl Wisdom", in Ashland, Oregon. LINK HERE

8. Discovering the InterNet, which is a mind-altering experience, all by itself.

9. Deciding to put my deepest writings out into the InterNet.

10. Eating more food out of the freezer, that I grew out in the back yard, so the atoms have the same X,Y,Z axes as where I am. Food grown close by will assimilate better into your body, than food grown half way around the world.

11. Redesigning my home with the CAD project, completing "on paper", the extensive renovations that I have started over the years. There appears to be a future-creating aspect to architectural design, a "spiritual dimension of architecture". When I saw the imaginary furniture inside the rooms, I started living in the design, not as the half-way renovated house it actually is, but in the future home, the way it will be when it is completed.


All of these new activities have caused me to raise my consciousness even higher, to learn how to learn even more easily than before---and I was already a Mensan (99%-ile)---have rapidly expanded my consciousness into the next world, the next globe in the chain (See Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine, from Theosophical Publishing House, Wheaton Illinois.)

I really feel like I have "transcended" the old story, or old paradigm, that is dys-integrating beneath our feet.

The secret to transcending to the next globe in the chain of Earths, which is also known as the "new paradigm", is in learning to think with both sides of your brain, at the same time, and in practicing a heart chakra meditation.

And then, in this higher level-of-consciousness, or higher quantum level of reality, we need to reinhabit our bodies, our homes, our gardens------our forests, meadows, deserts, etc.-----our relationships, ......, changing the frequency or vibration of all the atoms we come in contact with.

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