Ingress and Earthquake Charts

Here is a list of sidereal solar ingress charts you can view along with the quake charts that occurred during the ingress month. Note the critical aspect patterns and the planets/points in the ingress charts that are set off by planets in the quake charts.

The solar ingress is the moment that the Sun enters a sidereal sign. In this case the Krishnamurti charts are used. Some of these pages have charts with the notation "Sun transiting 0 degrees 59 minutes of (a sign). These are the ingress charts for the Fagan-Bradley ayanamsa, so that charts for the two ayanamsas—the difference between the tropical and sidereal zodiacs—can be compared.

If you're a Tropical astrologer viewing these charts, simply pay attention to the planets on the angles, aspects to the angles, and the aspects between planets. The signs make no difference, especially for the quake charts themselves, which will be the same as the Tropical quake charts except for the signs. It is probably planets on the angles and aspects to the angles that matter rather than the signs themselves. Mundane charts don't have psychological profiles! They merely highlight planets and aspects.

With the exception of the New Madrid quakes, these are all major quakes with great loss of life and property. The New Madrid quakes were very powerful quakes, but the geographic area was not developed. The quakes changed the terrain and the course of the Mississippi River. Text files which discuss the quakes will be added soon. But for the time being, the charts themselves are interesting.

Quake #1: Kanto, Japan 1923

Quake #2: Kobe, Japan 1995

Quake #3: Jamnagar, India 2001

Quake #4: Izmit, Turkey 1999

Quake #5: New Madrid Quakes 1812

Quake #6: San Francisco Quake 1906

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