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(2014) Ancient Triplicities: Key to the Sidereal Zodiac

Why did Edgar Cayce recommend Persian astrology?
Edgar Cayce's Persian Astrology

The Lost Zodiac, Part 1: Symbolism of the Sun and Moon

The Lost Zodiac, Part 2: Polarity of the Signs: Male and Female

The Lost Zodiac, Part 3: The Trigons (Triplicities: fire, earth, air, water)

The Lost Zodiac, Part 4: More on Sidereal Polarity and the Trigons

The Planets: Ministers of the Zodiac
This is the foundation article for the entire zodiac. Read it before checking out the signs in the table below.

Click on any underlined sign to read the individual signs. If a sign doesn't have an underline, it is not yet posted on the site. Comments on these articles are welcome and will be posted on this site if you request us to do so. Please click on link "About Therese Hamilton" below for e-mail address.

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Libra  Scorpio  Sagittarius  Capricorn  Aquarius Pisces

What is a Sign of the Zodiac?
Clues from John Addey and notes from Edgar Cayce

Modern Use of the Nakshatras
(Lunar Mansions)

How was the zodiac measured in ancient Mesopotamia?
Here is a listing of some of the stars retrieved from Babylonian texts.
The Zodiac in Mesopotamia

Babylonian planetary positions (Tropical and Sidereal compared)
Planet Longitudes in Babylonian Horoscopes

Chart Comparison: What's in a Sign?
Two Sidereal Scorpio Stelliums

Lunar Mansion Table:
Tropical and Sidereal Boundaries

When does Dwapara Yuga really begin?
Dwapara Yuga and the Aquairan Age

Past News and Ingress Charts:
Past News Archives

Research Articles and Charts

Pilot Project: Research Methodology for Writers/Journalists

Earthquake and Sidereal Solar Ingress Charts

Exaltation Note ACT

Additional Contributions To This Site

Chiria's Notebook:
Insightful observations on signs of the zodiac by a long-time astrologer.

Are the Moon's True Nodes really True? by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen

The Oktotopos Question by Bill Johnson:
The latest on the 8-fold division of houses!


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