If the world were clear, art would not exist.
- Albert Camus

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The Traveling Bohemians
The Traveling Bohemians have moved!  While our long-time home, The Bohemian Art Loft remains permanently closed (see the Loft's 2020 obituary below!), we look forward to a renaissance of the performing arts in 2023, and to starting the year off with a new open mic series close to our new home in the Roseville area, thanks to the warm welcome of the nice folks at Pause Coffee - Rocklin.  See our flier here.

Our site has remained dormant during the pandemic years.  This site will go completely offline 1/31/23 and redirect to our new page travelingbohemians.art

It is not without significant regret that we announce that we are permanently closing The Bohemian Art Loft as the home of The Traveling Bohemians for performances and other gatherings, related substantially to the Covid-19 pandemic, difficulties in social engineering related thereto, and the timing of our lease.  We have had a wonderful run here for over 10 years (and over 25 years as the Traveling Bohemians!) presenting a wide variety of performances of music, dance, theater, spoken word, comedy, magic, etc.  We presented many visual artists in our gallery space, offered meeting and rehearsal space for various groups, and supported various community events such as Reddings Earth Day.  We have come to know many many wonderful performers and musicians, both local and traveling, and of course those who have supported our activities by attending our events, and we cherish the relationships we have forged through the years. 

Nadia will continue her Meditative and Healing Arts work, conducting much of her teaching and meditative/guidance activity via Zoom and other electronic formats until such time as low-density in-person gatherings can safely resume.  Peter will continue to provide sound reinforcement and recording services on location on a selective basis as time allows.

We sincerely thank all of you who have contributed your talents and appreciation over the years and wish you all the best in health and hope you all weather the current and future landscape well!

-Nadia & Peter - April 2020
  last concert and empty Loft
Before and After - RIP Bohemian Art Loft!

This pic from our last show demonstrates the impossibility of appropriate social engineering and reminds us of the wonderful warm space we created for music and other artistic expressions.  Thank you to Lisa Lynne and Aryeh Frankfurter for a wonderful last show! 

The Traveling Bohemians!

Began as an autonomous eclectic collective of predominantly local artists in 1995.   Our purpose was and is to sustain and encourage the opportunity for alternative / experimental artistic expression.  We continue to support local performers, writers, and artists by providing a venue for presentation of their work.   We have always felt that complete freedom of expression is essential to artistic creation and our venues and productions have always been and shall always remain entirely free of censorship.

The Bohemian Art Loft became our permanent home after 15 years of often prolonged residencies at various coffee shops and other local establishments, most recently prior to settling down, The Shasta County Arts Council of which we were an auxilliarly.  We continued to host local and traveling artists, musicians, and writers as we expanded into the adjoining suite to allow our Center for Meditative and Healing Arts to grow to its full potential.

The bohemian art loft is now closed as of 5/1/2020.

The Participating Artists have been professionals, amateurs, and advanced students. Most of our poets and writers have been published locally and/or nationally, including poetry award recipients. Artists have showcased their talents and some are winners of juried exhibitions. Musicians, songwriters, and dancers have widely performed locally as well as around the country, and most have recorded CDs and/or videos. Many of our members also teach. Visiting performing artists often join in our events.

Artistic director, founder, and producer, Nadia Hava-Robbins, MA, born in Prague, Czechoslovakia, is a storyteller, puppeteer, published poet, exhibiting artist, and a life-long dancer.  She has presented performances of dance, music, poetry, and storytelling in major cities and festivals across the USA and Canada, directed numerous plays, and appeared in a documentary film produced by the National Film Board of Canada. 

Technical director, Peter S. Robbins, is a lighting, sound reinforcement, and recoding engineer, videographer, and photographer, providing technical services to the theater groups, Redding's Earth Day Festival, Dave Short's Jazz at Old City Hall, and to local and visiting musicians and performers at the Loft and outside venues as well.

About Our Names
Bohemia is the Latin name for the Czech region of the former Czechoslovakia. During the Czech national revival in the 1700's the artists, musicians, writers, composers, and artisans who flourished in this region became known as "the Bohemians", and thus the terms "artist" and "bohemian" became  synonymous.

The Traveling Bohemians refers to all of our performance activities both at home and in other venues and locations.

The Bohemian Art Loft is our permanent home at 3304B Bechelli Lane in Redding, CA

The Traveling Bohemians!

Create and Perform unique programs, intertwining and often uniting dance, poetry, story-telling, art, and music, presenting audiences with an inventive, cohesive, and colorful collage for the senses.

• Welcome Artists & Performers to exhibit and perform at our home,

• Present School Programs and Private Events of Storytelling, Puppetry & Marionettes, Dance, and Cultural Diversity.

• Produce Shows & Festivals:
Multi-disciplinary, Multicultural Dance Festivals, Storytelling Festivals, Single Artist Performances at our home and at other major venues.

• Provide Technical Support including sound reinforcement, location recording, lighting, promotional assistance to local and visiting musicians, songwriters, and a variety of performances, festivals, and community presentations.

• Support and Encourage local artists of all disciplines to join the group for performances and/or publications and exhibits.

What people say about The Traveling Bohemians and The Loft:

"I just want to tell you how magnificent it was to attend your performance and to have this in our community. Thank you!"

"I have attended the Traveling Bohemians' productions, and I just wanted to laud you all for bringing a touch of real culture and entertainment to Shasta County... Please continue this venture."

"As a director and performer, Nadia is experimenting, doing something different, risky, controversial, refreshing, and I think wonderful..."

"Thank you for bringing incredible talent, artistic excellence, and passion to this community. We thoroughly enjoyed the eve. We laughed and discussed and thought about it several more times over the weekend."

"Nadia... brought tears to my eyes. You embodied the human positive live force itself... it was overwhelmingly and simultaneously beautiful and tragic for me... Thank you."

"Thank you again for participating in our Children's Entertainment Summer program... We received wonderful feedback from both the children and their parents... Thank you for taking the time to interact with the children and show them how the puppets worked... Thank you!"

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