Cara's Poetry Cove, by: Cara Marie Filipeli (part1) Prolific Ponderings Part 1

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My Wish For You
A Trip To The Forest
Elusive as the Wind
Love Unknown, Yet Felt
M E N !!
Love Me for a While Anyway
That's Just the Way it is, Girlfriend!
Just for you MOM!
You Can Count On It!
Sometimes Pride Stands Alone
Turn Up the Tunes
Love is So Blind
Oh Baby!
The Comfort of a Friend!
On the Verge of Tears
Always a Part of Me, Misses You
Wings of Love
Haunting Thoughts
This Woman's Eyes
I Wait
A Tree
Too Many Choices
A Happy Flame
I Used to be so Lusty!
More of He Than Me
It's All a Part of Us
I Need My Pain
Making Love With You!
I'm Not Just an Affair!
A Lonely Night
Goodbye at Last!
Listen to Me!
Whatever I Face
On My Own
Whispers of Rainbows
I don't Want to Know
Somethings Are Clear
It's My Heart......Really It Is
How Could Anyone Know?
The Echo of Unspoken Words
Clueless Wonder
Diamond Mining
Habit is a Foe
*Thank You*
Where Shall We Start?
The UPS and Downs
I See A Great Man
"Cara's Comments"